Broadway and John LLR Station Mural, Part 2b


This edit involved both Photoshop and Affinity Design.

In photoshop, as discussed earlier, I added the Obeebo dance steps sculpture from further up Broadway as if it were a zen garden at the foot of the station where the Central Coop will someday be built.


The mosaic on the side of the building comes from the sidewalk mosaics that provide decoration up and down the street, most notably, aScreen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.57.49 AMlong Broadway right outside this very station. I added one extra line at the bottom to fill in the space on the side of the bulding and hopefully it doesn’t look too out-of-place.


The tiles are individual squares on a layer in Affinity Design. Here, they are carved out around the furniture holding up the security camera.  Below is the guideline layer and the tile layer, but without the background of the edited photo that was placed on its own layer.

When Photoshop was first introduced, there were no layers. The only vector drawing application at the time was MacDraw and it didn’t have dedicated layers either. MacDraw at least had the concept of objects that were in-front-of or behind other objects.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.44.03 AM

But I vaguely remember not wanting to use Photoshop’s layers when they were first added, because it involved learning a complex new way of doing things and I was quite used to the ways I’d already learned. I’m glad I spent the time to learn the new ways. I find them invaluable now and can’t imagine how I ever got any work done without them.

Temporary mural on the light rail station. #obeebo #photoedit #capitolhillseattle #linklightrail

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