from The Onion: Tuesday, April 11, 1989

One of my stories from The Onion’s second year, 1989, with super-cool James Sturm artwork to accompany it. I drew the little Viper spaceship in MacPaint years earlier, and was thrilled to use it as a dingbat. The details were a slice of my personal life.

“Mike Evans” because we made up fake names to make it seem like we had more writers than we actually did.

P.S. Battlestar Galactica 2003 was brilliant, in my humble opinion.

Ichiro: Who the Fuck is Tom Brady?

In this Reddit thread, /u/Clifford_the_big_red asked if someone would make a t-shirt with a minimalist illustration of Ichiro with the caption, “Who the Fuck is Tom Brady?”

So, I made one.

Thanks to Maggie for your guidance on refining the illustration.

(Here’s the PDF (for export) which should work for uploading to a t-shirt-making website.)

If you like the illustration, please consider listening to my podcast, Four-Finger Shotguns.

Fuckin’ A!

Fuckin’ A! t-shirts($25), hoodies($40), and stickers ($6) are now available at for as long as they keep selling. I think.

I haven’t used before and their instructions are a little unclear. Upon further investigation, it looks like they do a print run as long as one shirt gets sold. (I bought one for myself, so the print run happens on Monday.) Then they do another print run every 21 days as long as one gets sold during that span of time.

If not, I can re-activate the campaign and the whole thing starts over again.

Pretty slick.