Truthful Equivalence

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood

In “Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates”, Tom Robbins’ character Switters sailed paper boats in the rain-filled gutters of Pike Place Market and down Elliot Avenue. The Art Institute of Seattle recently closed, due to bankruptcy. One last sailing of the paper regatta is due in memoriam. So long, Artgirls.

The Circle of Creative Life

Co-working today at Fred Hutchinson with HERE Seattle.

Love Yourself

Baby ducks make me happy.

Story Without Words

Snow Day!

Don’t Force Feelings: Feel Them, then Let Them Go.

This is how it’s done, and at the end, I read the poem for you.

Inquisitive Introspection

Share The Road

There’s lots of stuff we shouldn’t have to do in life. For instance, while out riding a bicycle, one shouldn’t have to think about other people carelessly squishing them into goo. Yet, here we are.

Let’s default to kindness and sharing. It’s worth doing because we all benefit in so many ways.

When everyone really is out to get you.