Everything’s About Instagram Lately

It’s all there. Happy new year.

Bad Selfies In Seattle

The bot.app is coming along fine.


Timebot on iOS


So, I want to port Timebot from node.js to iOS Swift. This is a quick prototype of the layout. No actual code yet.

I’ve been playing with Swift Playgrounds on the iPad Pro, getting re-acquainted with the particularities of Swift.

Inkedln Profile Background


LinkedIn lets one choose a custom background for their profile. This is mine. A medley of illustrations I did for Wizards of the Coast and R. Talsorian Games’ collectible card game, Netrunner. I wish I had the originals, but I just have small jpg files from an archive.

Quick Hit: Emojiency siteicon

Emojiency siteicon

I love site icons. This one was a quick edit of the second emojiency.com landing page splash image.