Supermoon Over Alaska

Nearing the completion of my first journey around the world. I started back in 2021 and have been working my way eastward from Seattle, across the US and Canada, skipping across to Iceland, through the UK, down through Europe, over the Alps, across the Balkans, through the Holy Land to Mesopotamia, through Iran and Afghanistan, through Pakistan and India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar; over Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, visiting Hong Kong and Taipei, Shanghai and Qingdao, over to North and South Korea, across the sea and slingshotting up Japan and across the Ring of Fire.

My last two flights have been in the evening with the Supermoon rising from pink sunset clouds as stars landing in Unalaska and Sand Point, Alaska. Here are some photos from those trips, taken with OpenXR Toolkit from a Reverb G2 VR Headset displaying Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

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Personalized Credit Card


The bank has personalized credit cards now. They print up the card with a photo of your choice, either from their gallery or from an upload. Their guidelines are for a 840 by 840 pixel image but that’s a little bit confusing. They don’t seem to post any guidelines on the correct proportional sizing for a background image which shouldn’t be square, but instead rectangular.

No matter. This cropped fine onto the credit card. Which I can’t go back and review anymore for some reason. So no screen shot. My bad.