iTunes Album Cover Art


Build album cover art for my friend Nance’s 1991 solo acoustic EP.

Background layer is a simple repeating pattern of a wood texture I grabbed from image search. Above that layer is a wood-textured cube, also snagged through image search. (This one clearly has copyright issues, but nothing that can’t be quickly salvaged by an iPhone and a trip to Ikea.)

I am testing out new tools. I used to use Photoshop and Freehand, back when there was Freehand. I’m unhappy with Adobe’s subscription model, so I use Pixelmator (which I absolutely love) and I’m trial-ing Affinity Designer. Affinity’s skew tool is a little wonky (and took me an hour to find because it’s so well hidden) but I expect I just need to fiddle with it some more. Anyway, the perspective is a little off on the rotation and skew of “Rosewood” but this was good enough for the intended use.

I spent the rest of the morning digitizing the audio from a cassette tape into Audio Hijack and editing that into MP3s with Fission.

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