Love Yourself

Baby ducks make me happy.

Bullies Rule The World Only Because We Demand It

©2019 Johanna Wilder

For most all of my childhood, and quite a bit of my young adulthood, I was bullied. Growing up in rural Indiana in the ’70s and ’80s was a challenge that required a child be either rugged brute or resilient target. Target I was, but I was neither resilient, nor rugged, nor brutal.

While I was being hunted down by my menacing peers, I was scoping out alleyways for safer routes to school. I didn’t want to fight. I wanted to be left alone so I could focus on what was important to me at the time: reading fantasy and science fiction, orchestral symphonies, track and field, the neighbor girl with the pretty brown hair who seemed to like me, and the Doctor Demento radio show. All of these apparently anarchistic thought-crimes that would bring about the demise of the heretofore incorruptible moral traditions of Terre Haute, Indiana.

I was a twelve-year-old enemy of the state that needed to be dealt with extrajudicially, so as not to sully the impressionable.

Story Without Words

Snow Day!

Don’t Force Feelings: Feel Them, then Let Them Go.

This is how it’s done, and at the end, I read the poem for you.

Inquisitive Introspection

Share The Road

There’s lots of stuff we shouldn’t have to do in life. For instance, while out riding a bicycle, one shouldn’t have to think about other people carelessly squishing them into goo. Yet, here we are.

Let’s default to kindness and sharing. It’s worth doing because we all benefit in so many ways.

When everyone really is out to get you.


Meeting the devil on the journey home is an ancient story. Most accidents happen within a few miles of home. We let our guard down when we think we’re almost there. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the lines on it are painted with relief.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King