Rainbow Flag Mural


Photoshop’s Free Transform tool is completely priceless.

Let me not say priceless, because I have been less than excited LightRailLeftabout the idea of paying twenty bucks a month to have access to it. I’m only slightly less disgusted to think of spending a mere tenner on the new moon for the privilege.

It really has no equal in the image editing arena. Stitching together multiple photos, taken from different angles, becomes almost sLightRailRightimple. Take these two examples. I was too close to get the whole building in one shot, so I swiveled and got the rest in a second shot. This meant the two had been taken from different angles, something that could be simply repaired by a free transform.

Then the flag gets added as a Color Dodge, with some brush strokes added for perspective and to dirty up the paint a bit.

Free Transform

I’m not completely happy with it, but it was a good morning’s work. I think if I were to spend more time, I would have desaturated the yellow stripe a bit to make it stand out less.

Next time I think I’ll add a cement pump to a reservoir.

Rainbow flag mural.

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Yes, indeedy.

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