Ralph’s Concrete Pumping!


The Ralph’s logo on the side of the white cab was half covered in shadow, so I couldn’t flip it in place. I took the Ralph’s logo off the side of the pumper which was on a green background. That’s okay, you can see me slowly erasing the green background.

Along the way, I used a burgundy brush to strengthen the outline around the logo and in image 2 and 3, you can see how I’ve outlined the red “counters” in the logotype.


In the last panel, I used the [Hue/Saturation] Image Adjustment to desaturate the green tint to the burgundy outline that was left over from the antialiasing into the green background. That leaves us with a nice logo we can drop in place of the Ralph’s logo that needed to be flipped underneath the shadow of the rear-view mirror.

The final logo is applied as a “Multiply” layer above the white background layer.

Remember, this is what we started out with…


Maybe I’m just being optimistic today, but I feel like the final version looks better than the original.

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Johanna Wilder

Yes, indeedy.