Secret Messages


Instagram has a helpful gesture where you can pinch to zoom photos. That’s nice. It would be nicer if that meant Instagram let you post higher resolution photos, but really, you can just zoom in on the standard resolution. That’s okay.

I took a photo of my finger, and traced the general pattern of the fingerprint to get the whorls for this finger. The finger is duplicated and rotated. Then I made an arrow and duplicated and rotated that. All that was done in Procreate on the iPad Pro.

My idea was to have a secret message that, when you zoomed in on it, became readable. Procreate isn’t awesome with text, so I exported the flattened layers as a PNG and imported it into Pixelmator. I was just going to add some type, but I remembered Pixelmator has a terribly cute pixel paintbrush, so I got that out and went to work on the message.


A pleasant message that comes as a pleasant surprise.

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Johanna Wilder

Yes, indeedy.