Playing Cards


I miss Freehand’s “Paste Inside”. I’m sure there’s a way to do that in Affinity Designer, but I haven’t gotten around to finding it yet.


I honestly just miss Freehand. Shame on you, Adobe.


Prototypically Connected


The prototype linked up in Xcode. Still no functional code other than what Xcode is generating.

Secret Messages

Sending secret messages through Instagram.



A sandwich from Duckduckgo image search, traced and colored in Pixelmator.

Your Cards Ain’t Worth A Dime, If You Don’t Lay ‘Em Down


A less quick and simple (but still pretty quick and simple as reskins go) skin mod for American Truck Simulator. This is the Peterbilt 579 Hi Rise Sleeper.

Filling the Reservoir With Cement


Finally finished. I’ve stared at this way too closely for way too long to be fully objective about it, but it turned out really well except for the parts that make it look like a vacation photo from Uncanny Valley.