Code: SpriteKit and CoreMotion

In my never ending quest to make life difficult for myself, I ran into a difficulty with iOS rotation animations. I could be entirely wrong about this — it’s been known to happen — but there seems to be a default device-orientation animation that iOS plays when switching from portrait to landscape, for instance. It rotates the SKScene using a .scaleMode such as .aspectFit which, I guess, is okay for some purposes. The thing is, for the life of me, I couldn’t find a way to replace that animation with one I preferred more.  I could find no shortage of ways to add more animations on top of it, but no way to right out replace it.

About A Bot


The Timebot is finished.



A sandwich from Duckduckgo image search, traced and colored in Pixelmator.

Personalized Credit Card


The bank has personalized credit cards now. They print up the card with a photo of your choice, either from their gallery or from an upload. Their guidelines are for a 840 by 840 pixel image but that’s a little bit confusing. They don’t seem to post any guidelines on the correct proportional sizing for a background image which shouldn’t be square, but instead rectangular.

No matter. This cropped fine onto the credit card. Which I can’t go back and review anymore for some reason. So no screen shot. My bad.

Arts and Warcraft


A test render of a wood paneling skin for a tractor trailer in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Resume Day


I worked on my resume this morning. Instead of having a bad attitude about it, I decided to have a little bit of fun with it.

Ralph’s Concrete Pumping!


The Ralph’s logo on the side of the white cab was half covered in shadow, so I couldn’t flip it in place. I took the Ralph’s logo off the side of the pumper which was on a green background. That’s okay, you can see me slowly erasing the green background.