Code: SpriteKit and CoreMotion

In my never ending quest to make life difficult for myself, I ran into a difficulty with iOS rotation animations. I could be entirely wrong about this — it’s been known to happen — but there seems to be a default device-orientation animation that iOS plays when switching from portrait to landscape, for instance. It rotates the SKScene using a .scaleMode such as .aspectFit which, I guess, is okay for some purposes. The thing is, for the life of me, I couldn’t find a way to replace that animation with one I preferred more.  I could find no shortage of ways to add more animations on top of it, but no way to right out replace it.

The Bot is a Widget

iOS and Swift make me look smart.

The Bot is an App


Screen capture from the iOS app version of the Timebot.

Prototypically Connected


The prototype linked up in Xcode. Still no functional code other than what Xcode is generating.

Timebot on iOS


So, I want to port Timebot from node.js to iOS Swift. This is a quick prototype of the layout. No actual code yet.

I’ve been playing with Swift Playgrounds on the iPad Pro, getting re-acquainted with the particularities of Swift.