Words Fail Me


I’m editing a cement pumper into an image of the Volunteer Park reservoir. The vehicle fits best into the scene if it’s flipped horizontally. That’s fine, not a problem. [Flip Horizontal] at your service.

Just one problem.


Select the text using the Magic Wand brush (really pales in comparison to Pixelmator’s selection brush, but it’s the best Adobe could do in a pinch), Rubber Stamp the green back into the armature, a little rotate and a little skew and the text is readable again. Back it goes to make the pumper arm appear au naturel.

Still more work to do on this one. Editing around the cement mixer and pumper is more work than I thought it would be. I can’t wait until I get to the windscreen on the cement pumper, that’s going to be a treat, but I think I know exactly how to deal with it.

(Famous last words, right there.)

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Johanna Wilder

Yes, indeedy.