Capitol Hill Light Rail Station, Part 2a

Capitol Hill Link Light Rail Station with Mosaic

This is the station on the corner of Broadway and John. Previously, I added a Pride flag as a mural on the side of the station on the corner of 10th and Denny Way. This second part is the first of two parts (parts 2a and 2b), for a total of three parts (1, 2a and 2b).

Astropad on iPad Pro

First, please let me say, Astropad is incredible. On the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, that is. I tried it on an iPad Mini 2 and an iPhone 6s and wasn’t terribly impressed. It’s the whole graphics tablet feel that really sold it for me.

And yes, my iMac desktop is very messy.

Editing a transparency layer became simple, even a complicated one like chain-link fence. You can see in the lower-right corner where I had started with Photoshop’s Magic Wand Tool for less-than-stellar results. Switching to the iPad and Pencil really made the difference here.


I dropped in a the Obeebo dancing steps sculpture from further north on Broadway. They are much smaller in person. Tomorrow, I’ll be adding the rest of the tile mosaic that appears in several places along the sidewalks on Broadway, including in front of the Link Light Rail Station itself.

I think I also need to clean up the concrete underneath the dance steps sculpture. I began doing so on the right side, using the Dodge tool on the background layer — underneath the dance steps layer which is Overlay blended with 70% opacity  — and it really seems to make the a difference in letting the bronze inlay stand out.

I’d also like to add a nicer sky, but having sunshine might make the otherwise diffuse lighting seem unreal. I’m sure I have a wide variety of cloudy Seattle day photographs to choose from, though. We’ll see what kind of trouble we can cause.

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